Men's Fashion: Back To The Basics

10 Oct

Merriam Webster basically describes fashion and style as a manner in which you do something or something that you wear. It's my desire to enlighten others on this matter, because then you'll have the tools to be even more confident when you stride in your own fashion.

Fashion has invariably been a repetitious cycle since it's existence.  Men's fashion as a whole, has endured the differing styles and trends right alongside women.  So why do many men have reservations when it pertains to fashion and style?

Culture, religion, and background are just a few hindrances that prevent men from exploring their own creativity through fashion. Throughout the decades,  the masses have been known for harshly stigmatizing men due to their own personal apprehensions that relate to fashion.

Men may not be as vocal as women when it comes to their fashion woes, but it's very evident that their feelings are mutual regarding the matter. On the other hand, some men don't have any issues selecting fashion or identifying what styles work best them. I think that is extraordinary, due to the fact that it's not always a simplified process for men to be fashion forward.

When my husband and I met in the military, and he was accustomed to wearing over-sized clothing, outfits that matched, and a lot of hats. Through the years what he opts to wear has changed because I helped to cultivate his love toward different fashion. They're people who have said negative things, jokingly or not about his clothing and he doesn't care because it's what he likes and also because I selected half of it!

I give accolades to all men who are confident and genuinely content with selecting and wearing fashion. Loving yourself and what you wear is a process, so don't conform to what other's ideas, thoughts, or opinions may be of you. My recommendation to all men, is to develop YOUR own love for fashion and always be true to yourself.