Great Fashion Defined

18 Apr

It has taken me a while to write this post because I wanted to ensure my thoughts were in alignment with my heart. This post is both inquisitive and informative in nature. I know as a blogger and an influencer we often purchase pieces to flow with our social media feeds but sometimes are we losing the essence of great fashion?

There is a difference in great fashion and high-end fashion. For example, great fashion is something that you personally adore, you might have even discovered an amazing deal when you purchased it! High-end fashion is based on your labels and brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, and Michael Kors. You can find amazing prices on high-end fashion and they are beautiful as well, I just have to explain the difference.

Fashion is an article of clothing that you don on your frame, but to those who unequivocally embrace their creativity when dressing for THEMSELVES, they find it to be a joyful art!  When people tend to dress for others, they find that there's no life or pleasure in it.  Typically when it pertains to fashion, you purchase a garment and ideally it evokes merriment and excitement. While fashion is an outer adornment it tends to always elicit an inward emotion. 

When I think, see,  and feel fashion my mind turns rapidly like the pages in a book. I literally walk in and out of my closet putting together outfits, because I love it! I understand that everyone is not at the same magnitude as I am, but that's okay because we all are created differently. 

Okay, stop for a moment and think of one of your best outfits and how it made you feel, that's great fashion! Great fashion isn't about a label or a brand, it's when it looks right to YOU and the bliss that it gives YOU, my dear that is great fashion!

Every time that you rock your attire, make sure that it kindles delight inside and out. Let everyone see your inner beauty reflecting on the outside!